CBT Mass Email Sender For Bulk Email Blasts

Send Bulk Emails With CBT Mass Email Sender

Send thousands of emails with a high inbox rate directly from your PC

CBT Mass Email Sender is a robust desktop software that is capable of sending out hundreds of thousands of bulk emails at lightning fast speeds without interruption or bans. You will undoubtedly be aware that most popular SMTP Servers for Bulk Email Campaigns are not great for sending out mass email blasts as they will get banned several thousand emails into the campaign.

CBT Bulk Email Sender supports SMTP multi-threading and SMTP rotation. This means that the software can send thousands of emails at lightning fast speeds and rotate between multiple SMTP servers to warm up your IP and help you to achieve a high inbox rate. Even if one of your SMTP servers gets banned, the software will just move on to the next working SMTP server without interrupting your email blast. The Bulk Mailer supports direct sending via your system’s DNS server in the event that none of your SMTP servers are working.

The software also contains a web mailer option for CPanel, Mail.ru and Proton Mail accounts. CBT Bulk Email Sender supports a whole array of other features to help you to achieve a high inbox rate at lightning fast speeds. Some of the features include an intelligent email list cleaner, email blacklist for compliance with laws, auto-resume feature in case of a crash, macros and spintax format inside messages for a unique and personalized message, proxies for anonymity, short url generator, email encoding, auto removal of bad SMTP servers and much more. Skyrocket your business with our revolutionary Mass Email Sender right now!

3 E-Mail Sending Methods


Supports multiple SMTPs, rotations and throttles
You will need to buy your SMTP relays


Send Emails using DNS (your IP address)
Send emails from different WiFi


Send Emails using private and public proxies
Use our free public proxy scanner

Key Features

Blacklists and Filters

Increase your inbox rate and avoid spam using email blacklists and intelligent filters.

Short URLs

The software auto generates short urls with every email send to improve your inbox rate.


{Hello|Hi|Afternoon} = Hello OR Hi OR Afternoon

Auto Resume

Crash proof. Resume your email sending at any point before the crash/closing of software


The software will emulate real human behaviour and send emails from webmail.

Suppression List

The software will remove all unsubscribers from your marketing list in real time.

Email Warmer

enables you to gradually increase your sending rate and increase your sender’s reputation

File Attachments

Add file attachments to your emails. Select specific files or random files from a folder.

Proxy Scanner

Find public proxies using our free proxy scanner tool. Then send emails via proxies for free.


The bulk email sender works only with windows (includes VPSs)

Lifetime Updates

You will receive automatic free lifetime updates to the mass email sender.

Free Tutorials

Free online guides and tutorials to get you started

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